Saturday, April 26, 2014

37 weeks

They say at 37 weeks a baby is full term, and to this I say, "then why on earth is a pregnancy 40 weeks?!"

40 weeks is a long fricken time to be pregnant. Think about it in terms of a year: 40 weeks is basically 10 months, which is more than 304 days and 7, 304.8 hours. The person who coined the term 'nine months pregnant' is a fool. Nine months is only 36 weeks and I passed that mark a week ago. I really do feel for my friends who have been 42 weeks pregnant because that's nearing 11 month territory and that is simply too long. 

In the past week I have noticed changes in my belly, primarily in terms of size. It is wider and lower and all round larger. I have given up on pants (so long maternity jeans!) in favour of leggings and sweats. Everything it too tight and constrictive, even my bras, so I am opting for pajamas as much as I can. Except these are getting too tight as well. 

I know in a few weeks when I am up for feed number four of the night I will long for the days when the baby was still on the inside. But right now I just cannot wait to get out of bed without feeling like I've pulled a muscle or have to pee every 15 minutes. Oh, and that sweet, newborn smell and tiny snuggly body? I cannot wait for that either. 

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