Friday, April 25, 2014

A Girls Gotta Twirl

The twirly dress saga is finally over.

My mom's idea for homemade twirly dresses that is so good I think we're going to need to start taking orders. Working with an inexpensive t-shirt for the bodice and a cotton fabric cut into a circle skirt, my Mom's design connects the two pieces at the waist with a serger and finishes the hem with a serged rolled edge. Her prototype was an immediate hit with our twirly girl so we of course sought our more tees and made a trip to the very fabulous Spool of Thread for some really gorgeous cottons.

The best part is these twirly dresses can be whatever you want and putting them together is quite a quick and simple process (right Mom?). We used a few tees found on the sale rack at the Gap and another from Joe, mixed patterns and colours and voila! Eloise now has four dresses to twirl to her heart's content. The ones above are my personal favourites but Eloise doesn't discriminate, she loves them all. 

Eloise is so smitten with her new dresses that she's been asking to wear them to bed, with tights. So long as they're clean it's fine with me. Now all we have to do in the morning is add clean panties and a cardigan and we have a solution to getting Eloise dressed everyday without a fuss. Thanks, Gaga.

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