Saturday, April 19, 2014

There is No Maternity Leave

A video put out by American Greetings had Facebook buzzing this week. It starts as a job interview for a Director of Operations requiring approximately 135 hours per week, many of those spent standing and doing hard labour. The role offers no breaks, no vacation and eating is only permitted after Associates finish their meals. The Director of Operations must do their job - sometimes supporting Associates all night long - AND maintain a happy disposition. Any guesses as to the job they're advertising for?

I have to give it to American Greetings, this one got me. It is hard doing what we do as moms. You give yourself over completely to the needs of other people and if you work too, then it's impossible not to feel pulled in all sorts of directions. I do what I do, the way I do, because I love it. But I am also self employed because the flexibility of it offers me to care for my family. I am a mom and a business owner all at once, and even when it's hard I know I am pretty darn lucky.

With Baby Two's imminent arrival I've had lots of questions about my time off and how long I will take maternity leave. Well, there is no maternity leave. I plan to take a few weeks off while Chris is home so we can learn to be a family of four but then it's back to work, albeit at a limited capacity. My official start date back is June 22nd - starting out easy styling a Bridal Shower - but the following weekend I'll hit the ground running with a full, 12-hour wedding day. The other question people have been asking is how I plan to continue working the way I do with two children and I honestly don't know the answer to this. I believe it is going to work out, so it just will. (Right?)

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