Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Baby Naming with Eloise

We have narrowed it down to our final five baby names - two girls, two boys and a unisex - but the process hasn't been easy. On Saturday, upon waking from a ridiculously long and indulgent family nap, we decided to go through name options once more, this time with Eloise. Starting with A and working through the alphabet it was funny to hear her opinions.

Aaron? "No."
Angus? "That's an old man."
Audrey? "That's my baby's name."
Beau? "I don't."
Benjamin? "Nah."
Blair? "Hmm"
Briar? (Blank stare)
Charles? "Not Charles, what about Christmas?"
Cole? Chris piped in, "I like Cole!
Edward? "The elephant?"
Frank? "No."
Fredrick? "Haha."
George? "That's a pig!"
Georgia? "I like it."
Harry? "Harry's Bucket Full of Dinosaurs is not right."
Harriet? "Franklin's sister?"
Henry? "Hen-ray!"
Hugh? "Yuppa, that's good."
Imogene? "No."
"I like Jackson, do you, Mama?" (I don't)
Jacob? "No."
Kendall? "Barbie's boyfriend?"
Laurence? "No."
Malcolm? "I like it."
Mallory? "That's my big girl best friend." (I have no idea who she means by this)
Mackenzie? "I don't like Mackenzie."
Nora? "Blah!"
Olivia? "She is an oink pig."
Penelope? "Penelope is on of my Barbies." 
Phillip? "Nuh-uh."
Quinn? "No, do you like Quinn, Daddy?"
Ralph? "He's trouble."
Simon? "No."
Spencer? "Not very good."
Theodore? "Umm hmm!"
Violet? "Blah."
Whitney? "Not very good."
Winnie? "Winnie is my friend."
Xavier? "Too many letters."
Zoe? "Zoe is Peppa's friend."

"No more talking, Mama, can we go play Barbies now?"

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