Thursday, May 29, 2014

Cloth Diapering Ninja

With Eloise I was a cloth diapering ninja. Perhaps because so many people told us we wouldn't stick with it, and definitely because she was our first and only child, not only did we cloth diaper for more than two years, we did so with a smile on our faces. I will still be the first person to defend cloth diapering as not being difficult and definitely the healthier choice for your baby and the planet, but this time around I'm just not that into it. 

I still love my cloth wipes - they can't be beat when it comes to poop cleanup - but the two-step newborn diapers we have currently feel like too much work. I also think Spencer's little 'super soaker' makes his cloth diapers much wetter than Eloise's ever were and this wetness could be a contributing factor to him sleeping no more than a few hours at a time. For the time being we are only using cloth diapers during the day and I'm not even feeling that guilty about it. Don't get me wrong, the gigantic garbage bag filled with 75% diapers that we put out on the curb last week was a little discouraging and pained the recycler in me but right now convenience wins.
When it comes to disposable diapers I am still conscious about what we use and a diaper that is as eco-friendly and additive-free as possible is important. We can also justify the difference in cost between an "eco" and conventional diaper since we're not using disposables 100% of the time. In preparation for Spencer's arrival I ordered some newborn diapers from The Honest Company. These diapers are not processed with chlorine, don't contain fragrances, lotions or latex and are super, duper cute with patterns like anchors, giraffes, bicycles and cherries. All of this really made me want to love these diapers but I just didn't. They were okay, but in the early newborn stage I found it hard to get a good fit over Spencer's cord clamp and later his cord nubbin since these diapers didn't contour down like other disposables. As a result we had lots of leaks so I think I'll table these for now and try them again when he is a little bigger. 
Trial and error with disposables for vacation when Eloise was small led us to my current fave, Earth's Best Chlorine Free Diapers. These diapers don't have fun and pretty designs like the Honest diapers, but they are made with less petro-chemicals than conventional disposables, contain no latex, dye, or perfume and fit really well. They are also fairly comparable in price, and were on sale at London Drugs last week for $11.99.

I hope my feeling about using cloth diapers will be different once Spencer fits into our plentiful collection of all-in-ones, but at this stage I am giving myself a pass.

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