Monday, May 26, 2014

Week Two

My little man is two weeks old. As of Thursday, Spencer was back up at his birth weight, 8lbs 1oz, and our midwife was very happy with his growth overall. He has become so much more alert, now spending a couple of hours every evening wide eyed, looking around at his surroundings contentedly. Spencer will take a bottle of expressed milk easily from Chris, likes his soother and never makes a peep in the car. Nights are still an adventure but he is nursing well and for long periods of time; I'm just slightly delirious while he does.

I am feeling more like myself and everything seems to be healing well. I have good mobility and decent stamina and I even left the house by myself with Spencer for a few hours on Saturday! This week is Chris' last at home with us and I am already missing him. Silly, since he's still right here, but having him home with us for three whole weeks has been such a wonderful gift and I want to soak up every moment of family time while I can. I know we will always look back on this time fondly.

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