Monday, May 12, 2014

It's a...

When we were sent home from the hospital on Sunday with no conclusive details about my Caesarean for the third day in a row I was done. Done with waiting, done with the emotional roller coaster we have been on and utterly exhausted. The hospital is just five short blocks from home so we chose to walk back and for the remainder of what was a beautiful Mother's Day all I could manage was sleep. My emotions had gotten the best of me. Chris was an amazing support system as always; he took Eloise to Maplewood Farm, to the park, made her a picnic lunch and played with her happily in the garden so I could rest.

I woke up feeling better but famished from yet another day of fasting in preparation for potential of surgery that night. I wasn't hopeful that it would really happen but a few hours of sleep allowed me the energy to venture out into the sunshine. I joined our family in the garden and read, expecting to continue this painful wait for baby for another night but at 4:30 a phone call from labour & delivery informed me to come to the hospital right away, they were ready for me. You had better believe Chris and I soared down the hill to the hospital. 

I was understandably terrified of this C-section but put at ease by the wonderful team around me. My midwife Gill never left my side, the anesthegiologist listened closely to my concerns and helped me feel comfortable and Chris was my rock. This birth was nothing like my first. I wasn't cold and shaking, I didn't feel alone or even that afraid once things had started. I was assured by a very supportive medical team that I was going to do great, and I did. 

At 6:46pm our new bundle came into the world weighing 8lbs 1oz and measuring 53 centimetres. I am amazed at how this long little person fit inside me but it does put into perspective some of the discomfort I felt all those months of my pregnancy. When they pulled the baby out Chris was the one to say, "It's a boy!" and I know he would agree those may just be the best three words he has ever said. 

Our little man is here and he is perfect from tip to toe. He has long legs and even a little chub, proving that the additional three weeks spent in utero were important to his growth. He is so calm that we have heard him cry just once in the delivery room and he is already feeding well. We're very much in love. 

Welcome to the world, Baby. 

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