Friday, June 6, 2014

6 Hours

I had to check the clock multiple times and was reduced to counting on my fingers for confirmation, but there it was: Spencer slept for six straight hours last night! And honestly, I'm not all that surprised. 

His appetite is becoming insatiable. Each time he nurses during the day - which is often - you'd think I have never fed the kid. He sucks like he hasn't eaten in weeks, with a voraciousness that leaves him almost breathless and requires burp breaks just to let him catch up. Spencer is a little tank. 

Last night Chris gave Spencer a bottle and he downed three ounces, crying for more. I nursed him for another 45 minutes before putting him in his crib and boom, six hours later there we were. You'd think Spencer's six hours meant an uninterrupted sleep for me, but Eloise had other plans when she arrived in our room at midnight. I tried to reason with her, "But Eloise, your not alone in your room anymore! Spencer is sound asleep in his crib." She just looked at me in her sleepy stupor as if to say, "Nice try, lady," crawled up into our bed and fell fast asleep on my pillow. I retreated to her bed. By four o'clock Spencer was up again, ending his lengthy sleep with an exhausting 'every hour feed' for the rest of the night. I wouldn't say I felt rested today, but I do feel better and hopefully Spencer's six hours are just the beginning.

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