Monday, June 23, 2014


As first time parents you read books, lots of books. While you are pregnant you read books on every moment of pregnancy, books on birthing, books on baby care and name books. When the baby arrives you read books on development and breastfeeding and sleep. I still have many of these stacked next to my bed, but this time around they remain unopened.

With my second baby my lack of reading and research comes from already knowing what to expect and just being too tired to read. I'm also not as concerned about the milestones Spencer should be hitting or getting him on a routine at the 'right time'. I don't need a book to teach me how to soothe him or help him sleep, I have tricks learned from Eloise and really, Spencer is proving to be a pretty easy baby.

Our routine right now is totally Spencer-set. Unlike Eloise, Spencer doesn't like to be 'over handled', if he's tired he doesn't want to be cuddled or rocked, he is ready to be in his crib. His routine makes for a more content baby but it has been a process for me to adjust to his cues. When Spencer gets fussy mid-morning I know he is ready for his first nap, when I put him down after lunch I know I can count on him sleeping for three or four hours and by about 7pm he is ready for 'bed'. Spencer will wake up around 11 o'clock for a bottle and is down again for four or five hours. After this he will wake up every few hours, but at least he will easily sleep in his crib between feedings.

I'm still super tired - working late means that my sleep coincides with Spencer's up-every-two-hours pattern - but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I doubt very much I will be waiting until Spencer is 11 months old for a full night's sleep. He's just much more easy.

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