Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Eloise Language

"Slimantucka. You know what that means Mama? It means I'm a great climber."

Eloise has been using her own made up words a lot lately. I don't know what inspires her but I am enjoying this introduction into her imagination, even when I have no idea what she is talking about. Eloise has been using her made up language as she plays, an activity that has suddenly become much more independent. She hosts grand conversations between her Playmobil, dolls and Barbies, making up obscure names and interesting words. She's taken to crawling into the space between our tv console and living room chair with her Playmobil animals and a selection of odds and sods, engaging with her toys and playing quietly for an hour. It's all quite fascinating.

Here is a snippet of Eloise's language:

Mantale - "A good cooker"

Escapoling Margrite Dudy - "Legs in the front"

Gido - "A kind of animal the crawls; it goes 'rar' and wears headbands" 

Naninja - "That's a shadow"

Rainp - "A type of fish that peoples take home and put in a fish tank"

Bainy - "A friend"

Eloise doesn't seem to repeat her invented words more than once, but this just means there is something new brewing in her imagination. With a language like these I'd say we're one step away from Elvish.

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