Thursday, August 14, 2014

Seeking Ken

That joyful picture of Eloise I posted after the second night in a row that she slept in her own bed? That was basically just for show. Since then Eloise has slept through the night in her own bed precisely once, and I think it was only because she stayed up too late.

The Sleep Through The Night chart on our fridge has three stickers, just one away from a fourth-sticker treat (something little like a lollipop or a new hair bow). Eloise needs 16 stickers to earn that Ken doll and at this rate she'll be seven by the time that happens. We keep reminding Eloise that all she has to do is stay in her own bed, even if she wakes, in order to earn those stickers but she is smarter than that. She knows if she wakes up and comes into our bed we won't fight it so when I am putting her to bed now and ask her if she's going to stay there all night and she says, "Um not tonight. I'll do it tomorrow, okay mama? Is that a good idea?" Sure, but it would be a better idea if you just slept, Eloise. 

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