Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Size 5

That's not your imagination, his toes reach the bouncer base.

Spencer is wearing a size 5 disposable diaper these days. At the drug store that is as big as our preferred brand comes and at the rate he is growing I'll have to start ordering my diapers online. He has recently outgrown his 6-12 month sleepers and pants and is on his way to filling out all the 12-18 month size clothing I had stashed away. He is such a big baby that sometimes I can't believe he is ours. When Spencer rests his head on my shoulder his legs hang down to the tops of my thighs and he can now push off the ground (gleefully) when he bounces in the Bjorn Babysitter. Spencer has gotten so heavy that my back aches and my arms fall asleep when I cart him around. Chris and I are not very big people and then there is slight little Eloise, so his size is surprising. Spencer will be surpassing her in weight by his first birthday for sure.

I suppose a solution to the diaper thing would be to go to cloth full time, but I just can't make the commitment. I also cannot seem to figure out how to get Spencer's cloth diapers not to leak at night, so there's that. We are currently a little short on cloth diapers too due to a 20-diaper-high pile that require new elastic casing and velcro replacements. I have all the supplies, I just don't have the time (or desire) to tackle this project. Can't I just wave magic wand and have the diapers repair themselves?

Despite his large stature and diaper difficulty, dressing Spencer has been more fun than I anticipated. Although he cannot wear jeans or pants due to super squishy thighs, sweats and leggings are thankfully cool right now. Zara has all sorts of adorable printed leggings for boys (sorry, Chris, I mean 'pants') and there are a ton of indie brands that do slouchy pants and harems. Big bottom babies can rock those! Spency also has the gift of our friend Jude's hand me downs - and he is the best dressed kid I know - so we have no shortage of great tops and sweaters to layer. Add a beanie, a pair of fringed mocs and a denim shirt and Spencer is basically a hipster baby. He just can't do the skinny jeans.

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