Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What's in a Name?

When my friend Lisa was pregnant with her first child a few years ago she would neither hint nor tell any name on the list she and her husband had come up with. At the time, we berated her for staying so mum on their choices, but now I understand.

At a family dinner party the other night the topic of names came up and everyone wanted to know what Chris and I had discussed. No sooner had I said one of our names before it was poo-pooed by each and every dinner guest for one reason or another.

"No. You can't be serious!" pronounced Helen.
"Where'd you come up with a silly name like that?" asked my Dad.
"You mean as in Aldous?" said my Mom.
"What's wrong with normal names like Edward, Beverly and Andrew?" asked Toni.
"That kid is going to be teased for being such a dork", remarked my Brother.

For the record, the name is Huxley and Chris and I still agree that it has a lovely ring to it. However, this 'conversation' over dinner left me feeling both disappointed and defensive about baby names. Is hearing my family's opinions going to save our baby from childhood trauma or would we be better off leaving everyone guessing like Lisa did?

I wonder what they'd have to say about Balthazar.

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