Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Knot Bag

I find it amazing how difficult it has become to find goods - even high-end - that are not produced oversees. Take a look at what you're wearing right now and I can pretty much guarantee that at least one item says "Made in China". As a result, I find myself seeking out clothing and accessories that are made anywhere but and love discovering companies that buck the trend of outsourcing in favour of producing their wares in Canada.

m0851 is one of these companies. Hailing from Montreal, m0851 designs and manufactures their outerwear and accessories in the city and many of their goods are even made by hand. Imagine that! Every item m0851 creates is really beautiful (my sister-in-law has a very covetable rain jacket), but my favourite by far is their Knot Bag. Made of super soft leather, this bag is SO fabulous and big enough to fit all my daily necessities and then some. The Knot Bag is definitely on my wish list this winter.

The Knot Bag by m0851

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