Sunday, November 7, 2010

Maternity Clothing is Ugly

For the most part, maternity clothing is ugly. Yes, there are cute designer items to be found, but I am not prepared to spend thousands on clothing that I will be wearing for less than five months. My Mom has also assured me that I will never want to wear my maternity clothing again once the baby is born, and I'm going to take her word for it. However, I've gotten to the stage in my pregnancy where my regular pants are no longer comfortable, so last week my Mom bravely took me maternity shopping for the first time.

We started out at a Vancouver shop revered for its excellent maternity but the only thing I actually liked were a pair of $270.00 Citizen of Humanity maternity jeans. I was not prepared to blow my budget on these, so instead I ended up with that 'hot and sweaty' shopping haze after trying on too many other items and had to leave the store empty handed. I was about to give up completely when we made a last attempt at H&M and came out with armloads of clothing from their H&M Mama department for a fraction of the cost of the Citizens.

Maternity may still not be my cup of tea, but I finally found a cute pair of J Brand-esque cargos, maternity panel and all! Thanks Mom, you really are a trooper.

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