Saturday, November 5, 2011


Hello there, it's been a few months. I guess that's what happens when you're caring for an infant and trying to work at the same time. That, and Chris was really keen on me taking a breather from the amount of time spent on blogs. (And aren't you so proud of me, babe?)

So here we are. Recent updates? Eloise is a happy, beautiful and sweet nearly eight-month old. She sits on her own, loves her jolly jumper, babbles all day long, will not eat solids and is up every few hours at night. Every night. I'll tell you about it later.

We have completely moved into the new house and it's been wonderful, though with some of our furniture and decorative pieces left staging the condo it doesn't quite feel like home yet. We're getting there though.

I while back I blogged about the mom & baby bootcamp I joined through Fit 4 Two. It's been a three months and I am still at it, now twice a week. I have also started running with the moms I work out with and am proud to say I have never been in better shape. I feel great and it's been a wonderful experience getting to know other moms while creating what I hope will be lasting relationships for Eloise and the other babies.

So that is what's new and on that note, I can hear the boss is calling... I think she needs a diaper change.

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