Thursday, December 22, 2011

Midnight in Paris

When Woody Allen's 'Midnight in Paris' came out in theatres a few months back Chris and I jumped at the opportunity to plan a date night around the film, starting with dinner at the lovely Jules Bistro in Gastown. One thing led to another and our 'French' date night failed to materialize (ah, parenthood) but we finally had the opportunity to watch 'Midnight in Paris' at home last night.

I found it utterly charming! Gallivanting through Paris after dark was my favourite way to experience the city too, and a midnight fantasy world with some of the 20th Century's greatest artists and ingenues sounds pretty freaking awesome to me. Call it far fetched, but who wouldn't want rub shoulders with the Fitzgeralds while Cole Porter entertained at the piano?

It's no secret I am smitten with Paris and I often pester Chris about some day taking a year off to live in the city. For the past six months my dear friend Becky and her boyfriend Joel have been doing just that. They left their jobs in Toronto, packed their bags and moved to Paris, and have been experiencing all the city has to offer ever since. To document their adventure they've been keeping up a fantastic blog, romantic materialists, featuring Becky's beautiful photos and Joel's clever prose.

{image: romantic materialists}

Between drooling over the fabulous Parisian life of my friends and watching 'Midnight in Paris', I'd say my longing for another trip to the city has gone from dull to dire pretty quickly. Hmm... I wonder how well Eloise would do on a ten hour flight?

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