Thursday, February 23, 2012

Baby Friendly


Pre Eloise it didn't occur to me that there would be places we could no longer enjoy when we had children. I didn't think anything of unwieldy diaper bags or how we would go about maneuvering a stroller in a tight space. You see families with young children everywhere, so I just figured  that children became your miniature plus one.

It turns out this isn't so. No longer can we simply head into a store for a 'peek' or 'pop' in to a restaurant for a bite to eat. Everything is a production and I thank god there are two of us, because dealing with baby and gear on your own is nearly impossible. When we were in Whistler a few weeks ago we planned to have dinner one night at Sushi Village. Eloise was asleep in her stroller so we navigated our way up ramps and through hotel lobbies in order to access the restaurant's second floor location, which took at least ten minutes. By the time we made it up to the hostess desk to get a table we were informed they didn't accept strollers. Hmph.

This past weekend we were showing a friend from Toronto some sites in the city and after cruising around Yaletown (without 'popping' into any of my favourite shops, I might add), we decided to take the Aquabus over to Granville Island. The boat driver balked at the sight of the stroller and told us Eloise would have to come out which is never a good thing considering the acrobatics and bribery it takes to get her into the stroller in the first place. He then proceeded to precariously balance my new Bugaboo on the edge of the boat, a sudden wake away from going overboard. His response to my request to bring the stroller safely on board? "That's where it stays. If it goes overboard, I guess you're out of luck."

Don't even get me started on how impossible it is to navigate stores with Eloise in tow. I've had to perform more ten-point stroller turns then I care to admit which, believe it or not, is actually easier than carrying the baby and parking the buggy. The Bugaboo is a much better indoor stroller than our Valco, but there are still moments of sheer terror as I watch a display tremble after bumping it with my front wheel.

And this is with only one child! By the time baby number two comes along it's no wonder so many moms claim they never leave the house.

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