Thursday, February 23, 2012

Desperately Seeking Sideboard

For the past six months our television has sat on the hutch from my parents' old dining room buffet, biding the time until Chris and I find a piece of furniture we really love. But now the pressure is on as Eloise gets more curious by the day and closer to pulling herself up. My biggest fear is that one day she will grab hold of the PVR box or DVD player in an attempt to stand, pulling both heavy electronics onto herself and getting seriously hurt. I am desperately seeking a sideboard.

The time has come for us to choose something - and quick! My only requirement is that all electronics, save for the TV, are hidden from view and away from busy hands. I loathe the type of 'media units' that took up huge amounts of space in the rec rooms of our youth, so using a piece of furniture not necessarily meant for media storage is okay with me. Time is a big limitation, but not the only one as we need something that fits into a narrow space and within a narrow budget.

Our taste is eclectic, so I'm all over the place in what I like. I find myself drawn to the simplicity of Danish modern pieces, so Cragslist is always a great source as well as the vintage furniture storers scattered throughout Vancouver. Starting off with mainstream stores however, here are a few very different pieces that have caught my eye online:

{image: West Elm}

{image: Crate & Barrel}

{image: Room & Board}

{image: Pinterest via Pink Wallpaper}

{image: West Elm}
Poor Chris sees dollars and cents every time I start talking about redecorating, so when I say this needs to fit within budget, I mean it. Perhaps now is not the time to suggest replacing the dining table?

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