Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Itchy Feet

Eloise is ready to move. Though her itchy feet are not quite crawling, she has figured out how to scootch a fair distance on her bum and do a full 360 spin. She is a baby rolling pin, flipping front to back and back to front on every surface. Diaper changes have become an act of agility (hers) and reflexes (mine) as she twists around while I struggle to pin her down with one arm and diaper with the other. In the jolly jumper Eloise has discovered that she can swing and rappel between the door jams, all the while screeching with glee. She is certainly happy with her new found mobility and now the real fun begins for Chris and I enter a new stage in her development.

We have yet to baby proof, and to be honest, I am on the fence about it. With the exception of removing glass from reach, locking up any chemicals, and gating the stairs, I don't anticipate we'll be going too crazy. Of course I want to keep my child safe, but as a friend pointed out, you can go all out baby proofing your home, but what about other people's houses? I think the words 'No', 'Hot' and 'Danger' can go a long way.

I keep hearing from friends to enjoy these last few days of immobility while I can, because once Eloise starts moving there will be no holding her back!

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