Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Real Parents

It's one year later and I really feel like Chris and I are parents now. It's true we became parents the moment Eloise entered the world - in utero at that - but a years worth of parenting 'tests' and I'm certain we're official inductees to the parenthood club.

We've conquered sleeplessness and literal mountains of laundry, ended Eloise's strike against solids, dealt with miles of poop, and taught skills like clapping, blowing kisses and the word 'wow', among others. In the arena of infant parenting I feel like we earned Gold and have managed to do so without an uncommon amount of tears (from any of us). If badges were awarded we'd have a sash full.

Chris and I managed to come out of this first year no worse off either. In fact, I love my husband even more and although I miss uninterrupted adult conversations, nice dinners out and eating food while it's hot (with both hands!), I couldn't have chosen a better partner to pass the 'first year' test with.

As a reward for our year of hard work, in less than three weeks Chris and I will be travelling to the sunny skies and sandy beaches of Puerto Vallarta. Eloise will be camping out at home with Gaga & Papa (as my mom and dad are now commonly known) while we enjoy the wedding of a good friend and a weeks worth of relaxation on the beach.

Just what we need to kick off year number two.

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