Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Milestone Photos


I am always so impressed by parents who manage to document their child's milestones from in utero to first steps and through childhood with creative photographs. Sadly this is not me. I love the idea of these photos but I have to be honest, if it wasn't for my iPhone I would struggle to capture any big moments with Eloise. What can I say, I'm a convenience girl (but does this also make me more 'in the moment'?).

Still, I am blown away by the creativity of other parents and have a glimmer of hope that maybe some of this will rub off on me. I have always loved the idea of taking a photo of your kids on the first day of school. I know this idea is nothing new - pretty sure my own parents did it - but it is still such a sweet way to document how much children change with each passing year.

I love the ideas below, especially an annual birthday photo like this one:


And how sweet is this idea for documenting one of baby's firsts?


Or, if I want to get really creative, I can document my next pregnancy with month to month progress photos ... 

Okay, the last one won't happen, but they're all cute ideas, right?

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