Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Eloise's Room

It's been a while since I mentioned the Nook or even thought about it, but my friend Jen came across an article on Babble about "Making it Work With No Nursery" and our little Nook was not only featured, it was the feature photo! I can't help but feel proud that the Nook is an inspiration to others faced with small spaces and a baby on the way. Our successful closet conversion just goes to show that a little hard work and some outside-the-box thinking can make any space usable.

The Nook on Babble.

I posted photos of Eloise's room a while back, but since then I have added much more pink so I thought it fitting to do an update. Her bedroom is certainly larger than the Nook (which was literally 10 square feet!), but at 9 x 11' it definitely isn't a big space.

Eloise's room has pale, robin's egg blue walls and lots of airy touches that make it feminine and pretty. This Spring I made the bunting to give the room more colour and dressed up the mosquito net above her crib with lace. The 'Eloise' tutu wreath was a pinterest project from her birthday party and the artwork around the room is all made by me; a silhouette of Eloise at one year, a shadow box of one of her preemie sleepers, a watercolour from my university days and a french alphabet print created by framing a piece of wrapping paper from The Cross.

The only piece of new furniture in Eloise's room is her Alma Mini crib by Bloom. Everything else has been reused, repurposed or purchased second hand, proving that a beautiful nursery on a budget is not only possible but very pretty.

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