Monday, September 10, 2012

P is (only sometimes) for Potty

It looks like someone got a little over confident with their potty training skills. (That would be me)

Since the first potty win a few weeks ago Eloise's training has been slow. Sometimes she wants to use the potty, sometimes she doesn't. Sometimes the potty makes her scream, sometimes we find her in the bathroom sitting on it in the dark. There really seems to be no pattern to our potty training so far.

To our benefit, cloth diapers have made Eloise aware of when she is wet and she confidently tells us when she has a wet or dirty diaper. But figuring out how to catch her before she goes or getting her to tell us that she needs to is still a mystery to me. I made a very simple 'potty' chart (pee, poo, both) and took Eloise to the store to choose some stickers so we can mark every time she uses the potty with something fun and shiny. We let her hold onto the stickers while sitting on the potty and if she does go, we make a big deal about putting a sticker on the chart. She gets super excited when this happens but the next time I suggest the potty is either uninterested, scared or just plain refuses to go and asks for her diaper.

Am I missing something here?

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