Monday, September 10, 2012


On Saturday we relished in a glorious, 27 degree September afternoon. We ate dinner outside at nine o'clock and praised the summer for holding on for an extra month. Yesterday it rained and this morning temperatures were back to single digits. Fall is definitely on its way.

Eloise is all about being cozy right now. Give her a blanket, a pile of clean laundry, a bath towel, anything she can nestle into and she's head down repeating the words, 'coz' (not a real word, I know) and 'cozy' over and over. Maybe she's practicing hibernation skills for the endless months of rain but I am not ready to be cozy yet; I was just getting used to hot.

That said, the fall fashion paraded across every September magazine does get me slightly excited for the season ahead. Boots, sweaters, jackets, and scarves, that extra layer you need on a late-autumn day is always appealing when the end of September rolls around. I am currently digging printed denim in darker tones, lusting after a cashmere tee and coveting a pair of brown booties and leopard slippers.

I'll be rocking bare legs and dresses until the bitter end (of September?) but ask me in another few more weeks and I think I'll be ready for cozy too.

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PS. Have your been to eLUXE yet? It is a dynamite Canadian e-tailer and they have the most gorgeous things. It's a very dangerous place!

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