Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Piglet is Missing

Eloise's favourite peep Piglet didn't make it home after our walk yesterday afternoon. I brought him along in hopes that with Piggy by her side she would go right to sleep, but apparently he leapt (was tossed) out of the stroller instead. I retraced our steps and even persuaded my Dad & Brother to look for Piglet along the boulevard, but we all returned empty handed.

I honestly didn't think that Eloise would be so aware of Piglet's absence at her age, but she is and my heart is broken for her. Every few hours today she would look at me, cock her head to the side and say, "Piggy?" She searched for him in her room, behind pillows and at nap time begged me for Piglet when she wanted to get cozy. Makes me so sad for her.

I managed to find a new Piglet on Amazon but it's just not the same. Until then, Eloise is under the impression that Piggy is on vacation.

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