Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Growth Spurt

A girl and her shoes.

I've been on a cleaning and organizational rampage lately, prompted by Eloise's recent growth spurt. It started with her closet and has spread to toys and baby items we are no longer using. When I look back on the amount of stuff we've accumulated for Eloise in less than two years it's almost embarrassing. How can someone so small go through so much? True some of it was borrowed, but four tubs of clothing and diapers are only the beginning. There is also an infant car seat, bassinet, bouncer, bumbo, breast pump, blankets, burp cloths, slings and carriers ... all items that we will not need again until there is a newborn in the house. I am only comforted by the fact that everyone around me is pregnant (Seriously. I have seven friends expecting this spring) and will be able to pass on some of Eloise's things until we're ready for baby number two. Come on baby girls!

Now about that growth spurt.

Over night Eloise has gotten longer. Her arms and legs extend beyond her shirt sleeves and pants and her once tiny feet have grown a full size in just a few weeks. This recent growth spurt and the change of seasons has left her with nothing to wear and I can't help but feel a little sad as I pack away shoes worn only a few times and all of her pretty, but impractical, summer dresses. I took advantage of a sale on over the weekend and am eagerly anticipating the arrival of a drop-waist leopard rain coat and a bunch of new tops and pants. Shoes are another story and we now have exactly two pairs that fit. Looking back on the collection of we've accumulated it looks like I may want to use a little restraint now that Eloise is growing so much, but I did find a pair of chocolate brown Uggs for the winter that would look pretty cute with leopard jeggings ...

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