Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hello Fall, Hello Colds.

The only thing worse than having a cold is when your baby has a cold at the same time. Just one week into Fall and Eloise and I have caught the first cold of the season. I blame the germ-y school kids Molly hangs out with.

We're congested, sneezing and all round grouchy. Except that I can't entirely wallow in my cold the way I want to because I'm not number one anymore. Tiny violin.

Last year we made due without a humidifier during cold season, but this year I am going to be prepared and buy one for Eloise's room now. Humidifiers sort of creep me out because of the mould that can build up inside, so it's important that whatever I buy is easy to clean. Crane has a line of very cute animal-shaped ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers at Bed, Bath & Beyond that rate quite highly on consumer reviews. These ones are not expensive either (like others that they carry) and I think the Duck and Hello Kitty are pretty adorable.

I'm not against popping a cold & flu tablet myself, but do you have any tips to help little people get over  a cold?

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