Monday, November 12, 2012

Autumn Rain

Autumn has most definitely here in Vancouver and I am cold. We had a few lovely days of sun this week which allowed Eloise and I to play at the park and gave me a chance to wear a prized pair of Alexander McQueen over-the-knee brogue boots, but the rain is back in full force. The days are darker earlier, the mornings chilly and it's mildly depressing to think that we have another five plus months of rain to look forward to. Blech.

Since rainy weather is inevitable in Vancouver there is nothing I can do but embrace it. Eloise is happier when she has an opportunity to get outside at least once a day so I need to put away my distaste for getting wet and cold and deal with it for her sake. She has a Muddy Buddy to protect her from the elements but I am in need of a knee-length waterproof coat with a hood that allows me to stay dry too. Paired with my rainboots I think I should be good to brave the elements.

Lululemon's Right As Rain jacket is a staple for many Vancouver-ettes, but I'm just not a fan. I do like their 3x a Lady Jacket, but not the nearly $400 price tag. I am digging Aritzia's TNA Britannia Parka and actually found a good looking rain jacket at MEC of all places. It's called the Bon Vivant as if to trick me into going outside.



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