Monday, November 12, 2012

Hot Water

Last night our hot water tank died. It's moments like this in home ownership when you simply have to say, "crap" since there is nothing to be done except purchase a new hot water tank. The good news is that we can go splitsies with my parents since there is just one shared hot water tank for the whole house. I equate purchasing a new hot water tank with a new set of tires. They are an essential but they are expensive and always need replacing at the most inopportune times.

But talk about first world problems. While griping that I have to boil water for a few days to wash dishes I must remind myself that people around the world do not have access to any water, let alone hot water. We live in the lap of luxury in North America and with the simple turn of a tap we have clean, flowing hot water. So we'll wash dishes and bathe Eloise with the help of the kettle, ignore the diaper laundry and postpone showers until Wednesday morning. It could be much worse.

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