Friday, November 16, 2012


Many months ago I submitted photos of Eloise's room to Apartment Therapy Family, one of my long-time favourite blogs (previously Ohdeedoh). I hadn't heard anything so figured that was that, but today I was honoured to find out that her room was featured! I haven't been on Apartment Therapy all week so a big thanks to my friend Renee for letting me know that Eloise's room was up on the blog.

I am very proud of this feature but it has also shown me a few things: always proof read one more time (I embarrassingly found two errors) and for goodness sakes, learn how to take a better photo! Oh well. Practice makes perfect.

PS. I am excited to say this is actually the second time Eloise's room has been on Apartment Therapy. Her Nook was a finalist in their 2011 Smaller Cooler Contest.

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