Friday, November 23, 2012


Here's the thing - I'm crafty but I'm a lazy crafter. I am impatient and not very good at following instructions. Most of all, I like instant gratification. This is why I'm not a very good painter.

What I do like making are pillow shams, or Insta-shams as I call them, the easiest decor project. Give me a few metres of fabric and I can whip up a several shams, have them stuffed and on the bed/couch in around an hour. I can sew of course, but I don't sew very well. My mom will tell you this because I skip steps (ahem, pinning) and didn't have the same strict instruction she did, and you know what, she's absolutely right. But I also attribute my questionable sewing partly to laziness. I may not be able to draft a pattern or drape a dress but I can roll out some mighty pretty pillow shams and a fleece bathrobe no problem. I'll leave the tough stuff to my Mom (love ya!)

I got home around eight last night with a plan to head straight to bed but was lured to the dining room table by the sewing machine which I had set up earlier today. And so I made four new pillow shams out of some gorgeous striped fabric I  have been hanging onto for years and they turned out beautifully.

Think you can't make a pillow sham? I challenge you to give my Insta-shams a try with these four simple steps:

And... TA-DA!

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  1. Way to go Jordan, way more than I could ever do.