Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Big Girls Go Potty

Eloise's potty sits unused in the space beside our tub and toilet. Actually, that's not entirely true. Eloise brings her peeps in to use the potty, making the "ssss" sound of pee and offering them a few squares of toilet paper. Yup, she clearly gets it.

Eloise confidently tells me when she needs to go or has a soiled diaper and goes so far as to bring me a diaper, lie down and say, "Mama, clean diap?" Yet as soon as I bring up the idea of the potty or bring her near it she flat out refuses. Unfortunately, the only time the potty IS Eloise's idea is when she doesn't want to nap. I'm being manipulated by a toddler.

I have been pretty laissez-faire about potty training since our initial success turned out to be beginners luck. Bribery with stickers and treats was unsuccessful too. My dad claims he trained potty trained my brother Thomas in a day, so we'll be trying out "Papa Potty" over Christmas. Beyond that, I guess we just wait. Eloise is beginning to understand that big girls go potty but maybe that's the problem. Maybe she's realized this baby thing is actually pretty much the best?

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