Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Bliss

The Christmas bliss as I experienced through Eloise yesterday was unbelievably special. From the moment she woke until she finally succumbed to sleep 12 hours later she was a bundle of excitement, laughter and joy. She refused to nap - in fear of missing anything I gather - and crashed hard after playing with many, many, many lovely gifts and keeping us wholly entertained. We are so lucky to have such generosity in our lives.

I loved Christmas crafting this year with tulle, ribbon, baubles and glitter. I will admit a craft fail when it came to making snow globes - who knew striking the right balance between the amount of glycerin and glitter in the water was so precise to making it 'snow' -  but oh well, everything else turned out beautifully.

By far Eloise's play kitchen was my greatest achievement and I am pleased to say she loved it too. Watching her explore the kitchen for the first time yesterday morning and having her cook us 'eggs' all day today means that this present is exactly what I had hoped. I'll share the how-to soon.

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