Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Cold Season

I always get sick in December. When I was little I would actually make myself sick from the sheer excitement of the holidays: concerts at school, dance recitals and THE biggest day of the year, Christmas morning. Now I just get sick from being worn down. Like everyone else I know, by December I'm simply exhausted.

Christmas cold season struck early this year and I am recovering from a knock-you-off-your feet bout with the flu. I spent Sunday to Thursday in bed, not easy to do while caring for a toddler and working, but as always I had amazing support and my recovery came just in time to take Molly to see the Nutcracker last night. It was her first ballet ever and it was pretty darn special.

Sickness over with, I am now feeling terribly behind in my Christmas preparations. I have not baked a cookie, completed nearly half of my intended crafts and still have most of the people on my list left to buy for. What I really want is to lie down on the couch and have a drink.

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