Monday, December 10, 2012


Crayons are Eloise's favourite and she spends hours scribbling in the pages of her colouring book with "cayens". Fun as they may be, I've also figured out that crayons are quite messy. They break easily, scattering the carpet with soft, colourful shards, and washable or not, they are a pain to get off the floor and painted surfaces. And don't even mention bath crayons - they are the WORST.

Eloise certainly seems to understand that crayons are for the colouring book only but that doesn't stop her from doing a few extra scribbles elsewhere, especially when I'm watching. Unfortunately, it's become a game. She scribbles on the floor and I remind her to colour only in the book and she jumps up, runs to the pantry and points to the cleaning supplies. It turns out that teaching Eloise to "keen up" when she draws on the floor is as much fun as the drawing itself.

Would it be more of a lesson if I didn't let her clean up her scribbles?

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