Sunday, December 2, 2012

Dinner Out

Tonight we did something with Eloise we have not done in a long time: we took her out to dinner with us. I'm not saying that we never take her out to eat, but for the past few months Eloise's 'witching hour' has been approximately 6:30-7:30pm so meals out have been a lunchtime kind of thing. No one wants to be cutting into a steak when the cranky kid at the table next to them starts losing it. I once had to leave before my main arrived carrying a screaming Eloise like a football under one arm with a doggy bag and diaper bag in the other. Yeah, I've been that mom.

I've missed eating out. Not that we do it a ton, nor do we always want Eloise to come, but it is nice to know that we have options that extend beyond White Spot. Tonight Eloise was social and well behaved. She sat in a regular chair and ate like a human. We continuously delivered her piles of salty fries, let her walk around and sit on the couch in the restaurant foyer but it still felt somewhat normal.

I am dying to know the secret to how they get kids to behave so well at restaurants in France. Croissant bribery?

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