Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Over the weekend Eloise said her own name for the first time: Eh-y-weez. Impressive since I've heard adults stumble over it and most little kids just don't bother.

For the longest time we've resisted nicknames, calling her Eloise in an effort to encourage her to do the same. We've got lots of pet names of course - Booboo, Peanut, Turkey - but none that she would want to be called in public past the age of three. The thing about nicknames is that unless you start something at home you leave your child's name to the mercy of her peers at school. I'm sorry moms, but no matter how hard you try, your Joshua will inevitably become Josh once he starts grade school.

We haven't found a nickname that's quite right for Eloise yet. My brother calls her Ella and my brother in law introduced E (fitting since I've always been J and Thomas, T), which are both cute, but not quite her. I've tried to get 'Lala' to stick but Eloise can't say her 'Ls' so whenever I ask her to repeat it she just stares at me. Weezy? I mean Lil Wayne is great and all but I'm just not sure my blond haired, blue eyed cherub can pull that off. Even if her 'fro is legit.

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