Tuesday, December 18, 2012

All That Glitters

I have a new affinity for the colour gold. It's pretty trendy in home decor right now and thanks to blogs like The Glitter Guide, Kate Spade and J.Crew and magazines like Matchbook, gold is certainly having a very pretty resurgence.

I wrote the other night about an amazing glitter deer head that my friend Marjorie made, well I had to make one for my own. This was such an easy project! I couldn't get my printer to print a deer head silhouette the size I wanted to I just free handed it, added the glue and lots of gold glitter. Looks like I AM putting my degree in advanced arts & crafts to good use after all!

not bad, right?
Here are a few other gold items I'm coveting ...

{dwell studio}
{mitchell gold + bob williams}

{kate spade}

{design within reach}

All that glitters is gold!

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