Sunday, December 30, 2012

Turn It On, Turn It Off

It's astounding how quickly toddlers can turn on and turn off their crying. One moment Eloise will be wailing and the next she's babbling on about something, no tears in sight. I have a friend whose little girl would just sit and scream and when asked, "Are you finished yet?" she would answer immediately and either continue screaming or stop and go onto to something else.

Eloise's on-off cry was in full force today at nap time. She wanted to be rocked, then she didn't. She wanted Chris to lie down with her, then she wanted me. In the end Chris brought Eloise in to me screaming and within seconds she had turned off her crying and began talking to the ceiling happily.

"Hi ce-ying. Ce-ying cute. Is nice. Iam cute, Steve nice, aundie Di nice. Miss Molly. Aun Danelle swim? Mommy snugga."
(Translations: ceiling, Liam, auntie/aunt, snuggle)

Then, silence. Actually, a little snoring, but that was it. And thank goodness, Eloise has been almost impossible to get down for naps since Christmas day when she went on a 4-day nap strike. Today's two hour ordeal was ridiculous, but I have a hope we're getting back on track.

The on-off crying I'm afraid is here to stay.

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