Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hairy Situation

Good morning, afro.

As you may have noticed, Eloise has curly hair. Very, very curly hair.

She inherits this trait from my dear husband, who now keeps his hair short. The problem is not the curl, we love our little cherub's blonde ringlets, the problem is the rat's nest that forms anytime her hair is a) not freshly washed or b) in a ponytail. Mornings are prime rat's nest time and today's example was particularly special.

In addition, Eloise puts up a huge fuss anytime we so much as mention brushing her hair. I understand brushing must not be uncomfortable for her, but a nest like the one above is only a few hours from becoming a full-blown mat. That we would have to cut out.

So curly haired friends, this is where you chime in. We are currently using Paul Mitchell Kids Taming Spray, which is pretty good, but I would love to know what else to try. Thoughts?

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