Friday, February 1, 2013

Pretty Pullovers

You know those days when you just can't bear the idea of putting on anything other than a sweatshirt? Well I've been having lots of these days lately but my old Ryerson hoodie just doesn't cut it for leaving the house.

What does cut it, and is equally as comfy as an old sweatshirt, is a pretty pullover. A striped cashmere sweatshirt from J. Crew, adorned pullovers from Forever 21, Sweet Rain's studded sweatshirt from eLUXE, and then there's the fashion blogger fav, Zoe Karssen's Créme de la Creme pullover (which is no longer available, but still a fun choice).


{forever 21}

{forever 21}


You know what I'd really love to get my hands on? A perfectly classic (and dare I say vintage?) Club Monaco Crest Sweatshirt. I had one in hunter green and one in burgundy in grade school, amazing how on trend I would have been with both colours this past fall.


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