Saturday, January 5, 2013

Miss Manners

We started with please and hello, added thank you and good-bye, tossed in excuse me and bless you, and what we have is a not-quite-two year old with lovely little manners. If I do say so myself (and I do).

We introduced basic manners to Eloise when she was first learning to talk and it's clearly paid off. I find that manners also help eliminate Eloise's frustration when she knows that a simple 'please' will garner a much different response then whining and crying.

Eloise is now at a point where descriptive words are entering her vocabulary and amazing, different and awesome are some of her favourites. She loves to count and now that she's conquered one through 10 I often hear her switching up the numbers with words. Sometimes it's "one, two, three, tickles!" or "eight, nine ... chase!" I constantly sing to Eloise and her ability to recall and repeat is really cool; when I sing the ABCs for example, I pause after a few letters and let her fill in the next.

'L' sounds still aren't something that Eloise has been able to manage resulting in a few words that require translation and a few others that come out sounding a little off. For words like lion, laugh and our friends Lanny, Linds, Liam and Lorne she simply drops the 'l' but then there's that tricky word clock ...

One word Eloise just said for the first time that melted my heart was love, with the 'l' and all. We were rocking to sleep and just before she dusted off she kissed the head of Piggy and her new pal, Pengin (he's a Penguin, we're super original) and said, "Luf you Pengin, luf you Piggy. Ah friends." How sweet is that?

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