Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Stalker

{how to be a dad}

Last night was one of those nights. One where Eloise's late nap (we're still not on track) caused her to reject bedtime and in desperation she ended up in our bed.

Here's the thing, I think co-sleeping is great, but sleeping with Eloise is not. She doesn't sleep and we don't sleep and last night she was all about "The Stalker" (see diagram above). She'd be sleeping loudly one moment and then shoot up, crying for me. No matter that I was right there. The crib was not going to happen without Eloise throwing up so I had to use my mean voice when demanding she, "Put your head down and close your eyes. Right now." I'm exhausted but at least I can get in a nap today, poor Chris was out the door to work at eight.

Have you seen this diagram on Baby Sleep Positions from the blog How to Be a Dad? For anyone who has slept with their child this is all too true.

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