Thursday, January 17, 2013

Rocamoni and more

Eloise's currently has five main food groups: pasta, yogurt, muffins, fruit and eggs.

These are the only foods she will eat without making a fuss. I constantly worry that she's not getting enough nutrients and is going to end up with scurvy or something, but sometimes it's just enough that she will eat anything at all. At least it's more than buttered toast.

The pasta component of these food groups varies, but macaroni, or "rocamoni," as Eloise says, is the current fav (gnocchetti is so last month). Into this I stir things she will occasionally eat like broccoli or chickpeas or chicken or mushrooms (yes, mushrooms). I often top pasta with tomato sauce that I make with hidden goodies like kale, carrot and bell pepper. Eloise will always eat the noodles, everything else is a crapshoot. Cheese is a given.

Yogurt is also very popular, but only when requested. If I offer Eloise yogurt the answer is no, although if I go ahead and serve myself, she will eat the contents of my bowl, typically a full cup (I don't skimp).

Muffins are a food group that I manage to hide veggies into. Pureed zucchini, carrots, and sweet potato make their way into my homemade muffins but these don't hold a candle to the streusel-topped muffins at Whole Foods. Really though, which would you choose?

Fruit refers not to actual fruit, but jars of pureed baby food. I continued to purchase jarred purees to mix into plain greek yogurt but Eloise now requests (incessantly) this 'fruit' on its own. Only Earth's Best brand though, PC Organics just doesn't cut it anymore.

Eloise is obsessed with eggs. Scrambled, fried, frittata-d, she'll take them any way she can. Unfortunately eggs were one of the biggest red flags on Eloise's recent allergy test and they may actually be the contributing factor to eczema-type rashes that she continuously gets. We've cut down eggs drastically but if chanting "Egggg!" means anything, it's that the girl needs her eggs.

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