Monday, January 14, 2013

You're Not A Teenager Anymore

Another year and I actually feel a little different. Older. For the first time in as long as I can remember I had no desire to get everyone together for a night out or my usual week-long birthday celebration. Instead I just wanted to relax, be quiet. I enjoyed a very indulgent Saturday afternoon at the spa, attended a baby shower and had a family dinner on Sunday.

What's funny about 28 is that it is 10 long years away from being 18, a year I will always remember fondly. I think it may be the year I am most nostalgic for. It was my last year of high school and I was at the dance studio almost every day, then my first year at university and when I really came into my own. 18 was a good year.

I was reminded of how long ago 18 was by my facialist as we discussed my skincare regime. "Ze skin iz a living sing, eet iz constantly evolfing. You're not teenager anymore, you can't uze ze same moisturizer you used ven you ver 18." Drug store products won't cut it anymore, she said. If I want to protect and repair (yup, repair) my skin apparently it's time for 'active ingredients'. That means anti-agers FYI.

Regardless of my pending wrinkles at the fate of $8 cleanser, I have a good feeling about the year ahead. My career is blossoming and this wedding season is going to be exciting - and busy - for both business and pleasure. I get to be a bridesmaid (for the first time!) in the weddings of two of my dearest friends and one of my other besties has finally set a her date for her destination wedding. Several of my friends are having babies and I just can't wait to see them as mommies and hold their tiny little bundles.

I want to complete a few more projects around the house (Eloise's big girl room, pantry reorganization, find a sofa console) so that I can devote time this summer to helping Chris in the garden with a long list of projects. We want to give our back gate and garden more of a presence so there are plans for outdoor lighting, landscaping and building a deck.

I'm working away on my long list of goals for the year, here's hoping it's my best yet.

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