Thursday, February 21, 2013


At 11:30pm for more than two weeks now Eloise has woken up calling for me. At this time I'm either still up working or in the beginning stages of sleep, so I'm sure you can understand how frustrating this is. It's also not enough for Chris to go to her either. Eloise screams, "No Dad, just Mama!" and it has to be me who gets her back to sleep. I've slept in her bed now for more nights than I can remember, sat on a stool aside her bed to rub her back and brought her to bed with us, all in an effort to just sleep.

Why not just ignore her demands you ask? Impossible. Ignoring Eloise results in either vomit or she simply gets out of bed herself, opens the door and finds me. So as usual, I am very tired. I have more to do every day than ever before and a full night of uninterrupted rest is all I can dream of right now.

I know this too will pass but I am beginning to wonder how on earth we could ever manage another child, let alone a newborn, when our first still requires so much from me. What would you do?

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