Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Breathe Easy

{aleva naturals}

I went to the drugstore to pick up some Vicks BabyRub to calm Eloise's nighttime coughing since it was the only product I thought of when it came to drug-free cough relief. But when I picked up the package I was shocked to see that the first ingredient was petrolatum. I had read about petrolatum but couldn't remember the exact dangers so I looked it up when I came home and it turns out this petrochemical is listed as one of The David Suzuki Foundation's 'dirty dozen' and its use in cosmetics is restricted in the European Union for being carcinogenic. 

Obviously a chemical carcinogenic is not something I would be using on my young child, but I did discover a similar, natural option in aleva Naturals' Breathe Easy Chest Rub. This eucalyptus and lavender-oil scented lotion is petrolatum-, paraben- and perfume-free, so I thought it was worth a shot. And it works! I've been rubbing the Breathe Easy on Eloise's chest and neck before bed and she definitely seems to sleep more soundly. I also picked up aleva Naturals' Bamboo Breathe Easy Wipes as an alternative to a cold washcloth or dry tissue. These wipes seem more appealing to me and I'm sure Eloise would agree that they are a much less abrasive way to clean her very stuffy nose.

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