Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My Bed at Last

Last night was the first in a week that I slept in my bed the whole night through. I got home from an event around 9:30 and after a brief scream-a-thon and some vomiting (Eloise sure knows how to welcome me home), she slept soundly until 6:30am. At which time she padded into our room exclaiming, "I did it!" Yes, you did it sweetie, you finally figured out how to get out of bed on your own. And open your fully closed bedroom door. Crap.

Since coming down with this bug Eloise has been waking up calling for me more than usual and crawling into bed with her seemed to be the easiest solution. But in the course of this week I have learned a few things about sleeping with my toddler, sick or not:

1. A toddler rail is constrictive and quite uncomfortable to be pushed up against.
2. For someone so small - seriously, Eloise weighs around 23 pounds - she sure takes up a lot of room.
3. There is such a thing as too many pillows. Placed to keep Eloise in they sure do a great job of pushing me out.
4. Her bed is just too hard.

On Friday I will finally be purchasing Eloise proper linens and a nice, soft mattress cover since I'm certain this week's events are only the beginning of nights spent sleeping in her bed. Keeping her from crawling out and coming into our room though, I'm not so sure there's a solution to that.

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