Monday, February 4, 2013

So Sick, So Sleepy

As I write this it is creeping closer to two AM and we are watching Eloise at the Plaza for the fourth time in four days. Eloise had been hit really hard with the flu and as a result I'm on night four without sleep.

The poor thing just coughs and coughs and cries and cries when we're in bed so what's the point of us both pretending to sleep? My Eloise takes great pleasure in watching the fictitious Eloise get into all sorts of trouble at the Plaza really gets a kick out of hearing her name said over and over by someone other than me. She also exclaims, "A Prince!" several times a day just like Eloise in the movie. It's quite endearing.

Eloise caught this terrible bug (which we've now all had) and is cranky, whiny, coughing, sneezing and previously, feverish. Her fever started on Thursday and though her energy yesterday told me she was on the mend, today she threw up her lunch and then dinner. All over the cafe at Whole Foods. Sorry fellow diners!

Apart from a full blast humidifier, constant cuddles and Advil, there is not much I can do for my poor girl. So we watch Eloise and I bide the time hoping that she will get tired and we can get a few hours of rest. We both really need it.

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  1. Poor you without getting your sleep, is horrible!
    I hope you all have a more restful night tonight.
    Love AT